Videos aerated concrete

Video clips about aerated concrete and everything connected with it. The production process from the inside, as it is. Lots of interesting and informative videos in our section below.

The technology of building a house from aerated concrete blocks. Animated film-instruction on how to build a house from aerated concrete.

How to build a house from aerated concrete blocks. Aerated concrete blocks are subject to any type of processing. They are easy to grind, mill, saw. You can hammer a nail into aerated concrete without effort, you can drill a hole of the desired size in it. Aerated concrete blocks will not collapse under chemical and biological influences.

UDK GAZBETON (YUDK GAZBETON) - production of aerated concrete.

Video: stages of building a house from UDK aerated concrete, the choice of material for walls, the technology of building walls, ceilings.

Aerated concrete house Aeroc. The choice of aerated concrete "Aerok" as a material for the walls of our house was due to several reasons. Firstly, these are the high thermal insulation properties of the blocks. Secondly, due to the high vapor penetration and heat storage properties of aerated concrete, a favorable indoor microclimate is created. Thirdly, in terms of its environmental characteristics, it is close to natural wood. All this guarantees comfort in the future home.

The process of production of aerated concrete at a plant in Germany, as it happens.

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