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Aerated concrete UDK

Products from aerated concrete of the company "UDK" (UDK, Dnipro).

Trademark “UDK” (UDK) is a fairly young company specializing in the production of products from autoclaved aerated concrete. It was founded in Dnepropetrovsk in 2007. The production lines of the plant, which are distinguished by high technological equipment, were designed and put into operation together with the specialists of Masa-Henke (Germany).  German specialists were able in a short time not only to mount and set up a modern production line for the manufacture of aerated concrete products, but also to establish the production of high-quality products and to train all service personnel in a quality manner.  The production area of ​​the UDK plant currently covers 8,500 m2 and is capable of producing more than 300,000 m3 of autoclaved aerated concrete products per year.
UDK products are of the highest quality, according to their characteristics they comply with all modern building standards, and are able to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding contractors, both private developers and large construction organizations.

All UDK products manufactured on the basis of autoclaved aerated concrete are sold under their own registered trademark UDK GAZBETON. All products manufactured by the plant undergo the most severe quality control with subsequent certification. Aerated concrete products of the UDK trademark comply not only with the requirements of Ukrainian standards, but also with European standards that apply to aerated concrete products (DSTU B.V.2.7.–45-96 “cellular concrete”, DSTU B.V.2.7. -137:2008 “Aerated concrete blocks”, Eurostandard EN 771-4).

Blocks of autoclaved aerated concrete are made as follows: blocks are formed from the prepared mixture, sent to a special autoclave oven, in which they are exposed to high temperature in an overpressure environment. Hardening under such conditions, the blocks receive a unique structure that gives the material increased strength and structural stability.

Wall aerated concrete blocks manufactured by TM “UDK” have the following distinctive features and excellent characteristics:

  • High strength and durability. Aerated concrete TM “UDK” in its physical and technical characteristics is very close to natural stone. In the manufacture of blocks, only high-quality binders are used (lime, gypsum, cement, or their individual mixtures) with the addition of various kinds of fillers (waste from the enrichment of metal ores, quartz sand, blast-furnace slag, etc.). The prepared concrete mixture, reacting with a blowing agent (aluminum powder or paste), forms a reliable and durable structure of aerated concrete blocks.
  • Simplicity and convenience of installation. Blocks TM “UDK” in their design have grippers, specially designed for ease of transfer and installation during laying. Aerated concrete blocks are easily sawn, drilled, ground and chiselled using mechanical or hand tools. The design of TM “UDK” blocks provides for vertical connection using a “comb-groove” lock, which ensures perfection and stability of the structure.
  • High geometric manufacturing accuracy. Due to the constant quality control of the manufactured products, the specialists of the UDK company are able to ensure constantly high accuracy in the manufacture of the overall dimensions of aerated concrete blocks (less than ± 2 mm) and the correctness of their geometry. Using UDK blocks, it is possible to carry out masonry work with maximum accuracy, while significantly benefiting in the speed of installation work. In addition, the high geometric accuracy of the blocks allows you to save “not cheap” masonry mortar (glue).
  • Versatility. Aerated concrete blocks of the UDK trademark are recognized as one of the most versatile modern building materials. They have found wide application not only as a building envelope, but also as a material for fencing balconies, building ceilings, arranging fences, fireplaces, steps, building various noise-insulating partitions and fences. With the help of aerated concrete products TM “UDK” you can build any, even the most complex architectural forms.
  • High speed of installation work. Due to the ease of processing, large overall dimensions, low specific gravity, as well as the use of special thin-layer adhesive during masonry work, it can significantly increase the productivity of work and reduce construction time.
  • Frost resistance. Aerated concrete blocks of the UDK trademark, due to the unique technology of their manufacture, have a fairly high degree of frost resistance (more than F 25), which makes it possible to use them in construction in almost any climatic zone.
  • Excellent thermal insulation characteristics. Due to the fact that the production of aerated concrete blocks is carried out according to a unique patented technology, they have sufficiently high thermal insulation properties. Walls built from aerated concrete blocks TM “UDK” do not require additional insulation. Their low level of thermal conductivity (for D 600 – 0.14 W / (m * K), D500 – 0.12 W / (m * K), D 400 – 0.10 W / (m * K)) provides optimal temperature indoor mode in both summer heat and winter cold.
  • soundproof characteristics. Using aerated concrete blocks TM “UDK” as a wall material, you can provide high sound insulation in the house, protect your family from extraneous external annoying noise, guarantee yourself and your loved ones coziness and comfort.
  • Low density. Wall blocks of TM “UDK” have a low density, due to which they are light in weight, which, when performing construction work, can significantly reduce the load on the foundation, and as a result, save on its arrangement (the lighter the total weight of the building, the thinner the foundation is needed, and hence lower construction costs.
  • Environmental friendliness. In the production of aerated concrete blocks of the UDK trademark, only natural (natural) materials are used, such as sand, lime and water. They do not contain toxic or harmful substances in their composition. Aerated concrete is safe for humans and the environment.
  • Comfort. The walls erected from aerated concrete “breathe”. They provide excellent indoor air circulation, which in turn allows you to maintain the necessary humidity, guarantee a comfortable and healthy microclimate for people to live.
  • High pest resistance. Since aerated concrete blocks TM “UDK” are an organic building material, inside which there are no cavities, it has a fairly high resistance to various pests. In houses built of aerated concrete blocks, neither insects nor rodents will be able to settle.
  • Fire safety. Aerated concrete blocks produced by the autoclave method are non-combustible building materials. Empirically, it was found that aerated concrete is able to withstand high temperatures (up to +1200°C), twice the temperature inside the building during a fire (no more than +600°C). In addition, it is worth noting that a house built of aerated concrete blocks will provide you with the integrity of the structure and the bearing capacity of the walls for more than 3 hours when exposed to fire in a fire of moderate severity.
  • Resistant to moisture, mold and mildew. Despite the fact that aerated concrete is a porous material in its structure, it has a low degree of hygroscopicity. Aerated concrete blocks do not allow water to quickly soak into the material, so that it can perfectly resist the formation of fungus and mold.
  • High level of quality control. Thanks to its own highly equipped laboratory, UDK performs constant comprehensive quality control of products made from aerated concrete at all stages of its production.

Currently, the UDK trademark offers all its customers the following products:

  • UDK Super-Block 400 wall blocks are a universal aerated concrete wall block with excellent thermal insulation characteristics, strength and reliability necessary for the construction of one- and multi-storey buildings of various functional purposes.
  • Wall blocks UDK Omni-Block 500 – due to the excellent ratio of thermal insulation and strength properties, they are one of the most popular wall building materials today. It is great for the construction of multi-storey residential and industrial buildings.
  • UDK Power-Block 600 wall blocks are widely used in the construction of private houses and industrial facilities as a durable and reliable wall material for the construction of internal and external walls. A distinctive feature is increased strength with excellent thermal insulation characteristics.
  • Fixed formwork UDK U-Block – specially designed for arranging window and door openings as a lintel, as well as in the construction of stiffeners or columns.
  • Thin-layer adhesive UDK TBM is a unique thin-layer adhesive specially designed for high-quality bonding of various building elements based on aerated concrete. Its use in construction will allow quick and accurate installation of aerated concrete blocks of the UDK trademark. Using this adhesive as a masonry mortar will also allow you to significantly reduce the heat loss of the walls at the joints (from 25 to 30%).

It has been proven in practice that due to the use of aerated concrete blocks of the UDK trademark during the construction, it is possible to significantly save on masonry mortar, increase the pace and quality of construction, and also get not only a strong, reliable and durable house, but also a house with excellent noise and thermal insulation properties.

Description and technical characteristics of UDK products:

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