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The AEROC company (Aerok) is a manufacturer of aerated concrete blocks.

The AEROC company (Aerok) is a manufacturer of aerated concrete blocks.

One of the leaders in the market for the production and sale of building materials based on cellular autoclaved concrete in Ukraine is the company “AEROC” (Aerok). The production workshops of this plant are located in the Kiev region in the cities of Berezan and Obukhov. LLC “AEROC” is one of the subdivisions of the large industrial group LSR. The company “AEROC” Ltd. began its history for more than 6 years and in a relatively short period of time managed to establish itself exclusively on the positive side. The enterprise produces high-quality wall materials that meet modern European and Ukrainian quality standards.

The production facility, located in the city of Berezan, is equipped with a high-tech production line from HESS AAC Systems B.V. (Germany), which allows the production of more than 400,000 m3 of finished products per year.

The production workshops located in the city of Obukhov have at their disposal a modernized production line “Universal-60” and an ultra-modern high-tech production line from WEHRHAHN Smart (Germany). The production capacity of the plant allows to produce more than 350,000 m3 of finished products per year.

Each of the production facilities of AEROC LLC has at its disposal its own modern certified laboratories, which allow to constantly monitor the quality of products at almost all stages of its production. Each batch of finished products leaving the assembly line is accompanied by a quality certificate, which guarantees its high quality.

Wall structures built from products manufactured by AEROC have been repeatedly subjected to comprehensive comprehensive tests for seismic resistance, deformation, fire resistance, reliability and strength of masonry, for compliance with existing standards for noise and heat insulation, radiation safety in a number of specialized research institutes of the Ministry of Regional Construction of Ukraine, at the Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology, at the specialized Testing Center of the State Department of Fire Safety of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine, etc., which confirmed their compliance with established standards and requirements for quality and reliability.

Autoclaved aerated concrete produced by AEROC LLC is produced using only environmentally friendly raw materials. It consists of the following natural components: gypsum stone, finely ground quartz sand, quicklime, high grade cement (without additives) and water. Aerated concrete products manufactured by AEROC are harmless to humans and the environment, their environmental safety is confirmed by the environmental safety certificate of the international standard ISO 14024: 1999. AEROC LLC is the first and still the only company in Ukraine that has received such an international certificate environmental safety.

Aerated concrete blocks manufactured by AEROC LLC have the following advantages:

  • Simplicity and ease of installation work. Aerated concrete blocks “AEROC” are produced on high-tech modern equipment. They have the correct geometry and a fairly high manufacturing accuracy (±1 mm), which greatly simplifies and facilitates the installation process, reduces heat losses in masonry joints (due to the absence of cold bridges), and also avoids overspending masonry mortar. 
  • Durability. Since high-quality components are used in the production of AEROC TM autoclaved concrete, the technology of the production process is strictly observed, it has the characteristics of a mineral stone, is just as durable and reliable. Blocks of TM “AEROC” have low weight with large overall dimensions, which can significantly reduce the complexity of masonry work and increase the pace of construction. Installation does not require the use of special equipment and mechanical equipment.
  • Low specific gravity. Blocks TM “AEROC” are made of lightweight aerated concrete, which has a low specific gravity. Due to this, the walls erected from this material are lightweight, which can significantly save on the arrangement of the foundation. The construction does not require the construction of an expensive powerful foundation, as for brick walls, which allows you to increase the pace of construction (there is no need to waste time waiting for the shrinkage of a heavy foundation) and avoid unnecessary financial expenses.
  • Wealth of architectural forms. Aerated concrete blocks TM “AEROC” are easily processed even with hand tools (milled, sawn, cut). Aerated concrete products can take almost any geometric shape, which allows them to be used for the implementation of objects that have any architectural shape.
  • Environmental friendliness. Aerated concrete blocks TM “AEROC”, produced by the autoclave method, are composed of exclusively environmentally friendly natural components. Aerated concrete is not only environmentally friendly during production, but also in the process of long-term operation is not able to have a negative impact on human health and the environment. Houses built from aerated concrete blocks TM “AEROC” have an environmental factor of 2.0, that is, they are absolutely safe for the environment and humans.
  • Fire safety. In case of fire, aerated concrete blocks TM “AEROC” do not support combustion, do not emit hazardous and harmful substances. Aerated concrete is considered a non-combustible material. Under the action of open fire and exposure to high temperatures, houses built of aerated concrete blocks are able for a long time not to violate the geometry of the building and carry the design load.
  • Thermal insulation characteristics. Aerated concrete blocks TM “AEROC”, due to high thermal insulation properties, allow saving up to 30% of electricity and gas on heating and air conditioning of the building. Houses built from AEROC TM blocks will give you coolness on a hot summer day and keep you warm in a cold winter.
  • Strength and density. AEROC is always ready to offer aerated concrete blocks with an optimal ratio of density and strength. Using aerated concrete blocks TM “AEROC” in construction, you provide not only comfortable living conditions (good sound insulation, excellent thermal insulation, moisture and frost resistance), but also durability and excellent load-bearing capacity of the entire house structure.

                The AEROC product range is represented by the following range of high quality products:

  • Aerated concrete wall blocks TM “AEROC” with a tongue-and-groove system and pockets for easy grip. This series includes aerated concrete blocks of various densities and functional purposes (AEROC EcoTerm Super Plus (D300 density), AEROC EcoTerm (D400 density) and AEROC Classic (D500 density)). The blocks of this series have a unique structure of the surfaces of the end faces, which can significantly reduce the consumption of expensive heat-insulating adhesive and simplify installation. Special pockets facilitate the transfer of blocks and their installation.
  • Traditional wall blocks TM “AEROC” with flat edges. The range of this series includes two types of blocks: AEROC Econom (having a density of D500) and AEROC Econom Plus (having a density of D400). The blocks of this series have an ideal shape geometry and smooth edges. Blocks TM “AEROC”, made in the traditional design, are ideal for the construction of walls of any type, size and configuration.
  • Partition blocks TM “AEROC”. Partition blocks are designed for the construction of non-bearing walls. Due to their relatively small thickness (only 100 mm) they allow to increase the usable area of ​​the room. Using them during construction, you can speed up the process of redevelopment of premises and the construction of internal non-bearing walls.
  • Aerated concrete U-blocks TM “AEROC”. Aerated concrete U-blocks are an ideal solution for creating fixed formwork in the process of assembly and construction work when arranging monolithic lintels and beams.
  • Jumpers reinforced TM “AEROC”. These reinforced partitions are specially designed to withstand a significant evenly divided load. They are an ideal solution when used as window and door lintels, in the arrangement of interfloor ceilings.

            The use of AEROC products, which have excellent physical and technical characteristics and high quality, will allow you to build a warm, comfortable, beautiful, and most importantly reliable and durable house in the shortest possible time.

Description and technical characteristics of Aeroc products:

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