Aerated concrete HSM

Aerated concrete HSM

Products of the corporation "Kharkiv Building Materials" (Kharkov).

Products of the corporation “Kharkiv Building Materials” (Kharkov). From the very foundation of the company, starting in 2002, “Kharkiv Building Materials” has been successfully operating in the domestic construction market. XSM Corporation is engaged not only in the production of the main types of modern building materials, but also in their retail and wholesale sales. Currently, the Kharkov Building Materials Corporation includes the following leading enterprises of the city and the region, such as the Research and Production Company Interfact Ltd, the Kharkov Plant of Reinforced Concrete Structures, and the Kuryazhsky Plant of Silicate Products.

Today, the Kharkiv Building Materials Corporation is one of the largest enterprises in the Kharkiv region for the production of aerated concrete blocks from autoclaved cellular concrete, silicate and ceramic bricks, without formwork hollow slabs, as well as various dry building mixtures.
All products manufactured by XSM comply with existing domestic norms and European standards, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates of quality and conformity. High quality control of products, continuous improvement of production technology, the use of only high-quality components, production discipline and modern high-tech equipment allow the Kharkov Building Materials company to produce only high quality products that meet the high requirements and demands of not only private developers, but large construction organizations.

The range of products produced by KMK is very extensive. The following building materials are especially popular among consumers: silicate and ceramic bricks, aerated concrete blocks, floor slabs, ready-mixed concrete, dry building mixes, foundation blocks, aerated concrete and granite crushed stone, and much more.
The aerated concrete blocks offered by the Kharkiv Building Materials Corporation are the optimal wall material for the construction of cottages and low-rise residential buildings, as well as for the construction of multi-storey monolithic-frame houses as a building envelope.

Aerated concrete blocks “XSM” have a number of undeniable advantages, among which it is worth noting:

  • Durability. Subject to the technology of installation work, high-quality construction, the service life of houses built using aerated concrete blocks of the XSM corporation can be 100 years or more.
  • thermal insulation properties. Due to its unique porous structure, XSM aerated concrete blocks can provide excellent thermal insulation, their properties exceeding a brick wall of the same thickness by 3-5 times, which greatly saves on the subsequent operation of the house (on heating and air conditioning).
  • Microclimate. Aerated concrete blocks manufactured by “KhSM”, due to the porous structure, provide optimal humidity and effective thermoregulation indoors. A house built from such blocks effectively retains heat in winter, and retains a pleasant coolness in summer.
  • Quick and easy installation, economical. Blocks made of aerated concrete manufactured by “KhSM” have large overall dimensions compared to standard bricks with relatively low weight, and therefore the execution of loading and unloading operations, as well as the installation of blocks, requires less time and is less labor-intensive. The use of aerated concrete blocks “XSM” in the wall structure of the house allows the use of a lighter foundation, since the mass of the walls is more than 4 times lighter than when using bricks. Aerated concrete blocks are easily machined (grooving, drilling, fitting, sawing) even using conventional hand tools, which also allows you to get both additional budget savings and increase the pace of construction.
  • Soundproof properties. Aerated concrete produced by “XSM” has excellent soundproofing characteristics. Walls built of aerated concrete fully comply with the current rules and regulations that apply to sound insulation of modern residential premises.
  • Fire safety. Blocks made of aerated concrete produced by “KhSM” are non-combustible, they do not burn and do not support combustion. When exposed to high temperatures and open fire, there is no release of harmful substances and toxins. Aerated concrete is referred to the 1st and 2nd degrees of fire resistance.
  • Environmental friendliness. During production and long-term operation, aerated concrete blocks “XSM” are completely safe and harmless to the environment and humans. Aerated concrete blocks according to GOSTs have an environmental safety factor equal to – 2, for example, a tree has a factor of 1, and a brick – 10. Aerated concrete products of the XSM trademark are produced exclusively from environmentally friendly and natural components.
  • High resistance to bacteria, mold and mildew. Long-term studies of aerated concrete have proved that under the most “favorable” conditions for mold, fungus and bacteria (relative humidity 95-98%, temperature +25-+30 degrees), aerated concrete blocks produced by XSM are completely resistant to their appearance and development.
  • aesthetic appeal. The aerated concrete blocks of XSM Corporation, due to the ease of their processing, are able to take any architectural form, which opens up great opportunities for architects and designers to bring to life and realize attractive and expressive buildings and structures.

The Kharkov Building Materials Corporation currently produces and sells aerated concrete blocks of the following series:

“HETTEN” is an aerated concrete block specially designed for the construction of interior partitions, the construction of load-bearing external walls in cottages and low-rise buildings (up to 3 floors), and can also be used as a non-load-bearing enclosing structure in multi-storey monolithic-frame construction. The blocks have precise overall dimensions and correct geometry (less than ±1.0 mm), have high noise and heat insulation characteristics, and a smooth outer surface.  The laying of these blocks must be carried out using a special adhesive mixture, which avoids heat loss in the seams. Blocks manufactured by XSM are produced with a density of D400 and D500.

“UNIVERSAL” – aerated concrete block has the same scope and characteristics as the blocks of the “HETTEN” series. The only distinguishing feature is the high density of the aerated concrete used (D600). The laying of the UNIVERSAL blocks must be carried out on an ordinary cement-sand mortar.

The products manufactured by Kharkov Building Materials are of high quality, reliability and durability, which has been repeatedly confirmed in practice. The corporation has long-term partnerships with such major construction organizations in Kharkiv and Ukraine as Spetsstroymontazh-Ukraine, Megainvestbud LLC, ZHILSTROY-1 PJSC, ZHILSTROY-2 PJSC, Construction Trading House JSC, Alliance Corporation – Development”, LLC “Financial Construction Group”, LLC “Stalkonstruktsiya”, JSC “Kuryazhsky House-Building Complex” and many others.

The use of aerated concrete blocks produced by XSM in the construction will allow you to build a reliable, strong and beautiful house that will fully comply with modern requirements and standards for energy saving and environmental safety.

Description and technical characteristics of XSM products:

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