Price list

Current prices for aerated concrete

The price of aerated concrete blocks is usually formed on the basis of one cubic meter of blocks. In some cases, the seller may set the price for a piece assortment. The price is set per unit of goods, depending on the size of the block. Adhesive thin-layer mixtures are also sold separately, but points of sale, together with the supplier / manufacturer, can arrange promotions by combining the price together with the gas block. There is also a hotel price for related products, such as building tools for laying aerated concrete blocks.

AERABLE CONCRETE Price list as of 01.01.2000

Name PhotoRetail price, /cub.m.Wholesale price, /cub.m.
Price for UDK Aerated Concrete      



Price for Aerated Concrete AEROC       negotiable   
Price for Aerated Concrete XSM   negotiable
The price of UDK TBM© thin-layer aerated concrete adhesive is a cement binder-based ready-mix for fast and accurate installation of UDK blocks. When using UDK TBM© thin-layer aerated concrete adhesive, we reduce the joint thickness to 2-3 mm instead of 10 mm, which is usually are required when using a traditional mortar, thereby eliminating cold bridges in the masonry and reducing heat losses by up to 30%.   
The price of UDK SP© is a light plaster mixture based on mineral binders (cement, lime), light mineral aggregates and polymer modifying additives. It is applied to external and internal plastering. Light, Vapor Permeable, Hydrophobic, Flame Retardant
Environmentally friendly, Butterfly appearance
            –                           –
Price for white glue for XSM blocks. The mixture is made on the basis of Portland cement, mineral filler and functional additives. It has increased adhesion to various mineral bases, is plastic, frost-resistant and water-resistant, and environmentally friendly. Bonds building blocks with a thin layer of mortar with a joint thickness (3 mm), which eliminates the so-called “cold bridges”.  
Tools and accessories for quick and economical construction of housing from aerated concrete blocks. Bucket, wall chaser, grater, hacksaw, carriage, square. negotiable

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